Knee Tendonitis

Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon-fibers bundles which fix the muscles on bones. The condition causes pain and weakness in the joints and usually affects shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, heel and wrist.

If knee tendonitis is severe and causes tendon rupture, surgery may become necessary. But in most cases, treatment consists only in rest and drugs that relieves pain and inflammation caused by knee tendonitis. We recommend taking some steps to prevent knee tendonitis and avoid the consequences of the disease, meaning limiting the joint movement.

Knee tendonitis, very common in athletes, can affect also the ordinary people who demand too intense their muscles, such as those who practice a sport on vacation, for example. Tendonitis is a condition of the tendon – muscle action belt transmission. It can occur in any muscle region of the body, but there are areas with higher risk. In the upper limbs, best known tendonitis affects the elbows (especially to those who practice tennis), but those that cause the greatest physical troubles are at shoulder level. In the legs, is common the tendonitis of “Achilles” and the knee tendonitis. Without proper treatment, the effects may be felt long and extremely painful. Prevention includes exercises to develop muscle control, heating exercises before doing the exercise, gradual resumption of activity after an injury, etc.
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