Shoulder Tendonitis

Bodybuilding is a sport that involves a number of risks, including the risk of shoulder tendonitis is among the first places. If you learn to train ourselves properly, to heed us well and we are continually attentive to what we do, this risk of shoulder tendonitis is reduced. However, sometimes unexpectable takes place and we could be “victims” of wrong moves that lead to trauma of soft structures, such as shoulder tendonitis. The shoulder joint is a structure that is in high demand during power training, so it can be quite easily damaged. Great attention should be given to exercises with free weights and with higher load, in which a case of a brief moment of uncertainty leads to a local disaster.

Shoulder tendonitis, bursitis and shoulder compression syndrome are closely related and may occur either alone or in combination. If the external rotation muscles of the shoulder (large round, small round and infra scapular) and the shoulder bursitis are irritated, inflamed and inflated, they can be caught between the humeral head and acromion. Repeated movements involving the arm or the aging process involving the shoulder motion over the years can also irritate and leads to the damage of the tendon, muscle and neighboring structures. Shoulder tendonitis is the inflammation (redness, pain and swelling) of the tendon. The shoulder tendonitis, the external rotation muscles of the shoulder and / or the biceps tendon become inflamed, usually due to friction by neighboring structures. Trauma can vary from mild inflammation to the involvement of all the shoulder muscles which produce rotation.
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