Wrist Tendonitis

If during a workout or even where you’re not doing anything suddenly you feel a sharp pain, sharp on one finger, shoulder or elbow is most likely to have a tendonitis. Most climbers had at least one time in their life a wrist tendonitis. Untreated, it can worsen and it may go into chronic state. But properly handled, wrist tendonitis can heal and you can return in form in less than a month after the accident.

What are the symptoms of wrist tendonitis?

Wrist tendonitis has usually as a symptom an acute pain, stinging, painful inflammation of the area, pain and weakness to the affected area (wrist). The most common found in climbers is the wrist tendonitis. If it develops after a single movement, often the pain can spread from the affected wrist up to the elbow. In the case of over training tendonitis, pain is usually located.

In the case of tendon rupture or stretching of the scope rings it will hear a clicking wrist, like a little branch. They are treated in the same way as wrist tendonitis but on a longer period of time. In ordinary people, this disease is very rare. But in the case of climbers, a single ring can be requested up to 700N and an injury is quite probable. It is a condition more serious than the simple inflammation of the tendon and recovery can take longer.
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